1. Выберите правильный вариант вопроса к предложению:
I had to go to the library yesterday.
2. Найдите антоним к слову:
3. Выберите правильно слово, составленное из следующих букв:
w a r l e y
4. Выберите правильно построенное предложение:
5. Выберите правильный вариант.
His hobby is … stamps.
6. Найдите синоним слова "Darling "
7. Определите, чем является подчёркнутое слово:
Thank you for coming.
8. Образуйте новое слово от "profession" c помощью следующих суффиксов.
9. Выберите правильный вопрос:
You shouldn't close the window
10. Дополните предложение, вставив нужное местоимение:
Did you meet ... on your way home?
11. Найдите правильную степень сравнения прилагательного:
The Mississippi River is the … waterway in the United States.
12. Вставьте необходимое сочетание с модальным глаголом:
I felt sick yesterday. I ... anything.
13. Найдите правильный вариант глагола.
If you …, you . . . your leg.
14. Прочитайте текст и выполните задание.
A king liked to write stories which he thought were very good. The people were afraid to criticize them.
One day he showed some of his stories to a well-known critic, who said they were bad. The king got angry with him and sent him to prison.
After some time the king invited the critic to his palace to dinner. Again he showed him some of his stories and again asked him what he thought of them. The critic said to the king: "Take me back to the prison".
Завершите предложение согласно содержания текста.
The critic asked the king....
15. Закончите фразу переводом на английский язык:
Bill can't play the flute. Джон тоже.
16. Выберите притяжательную форму существительного во множественном числе.
17. Дополните предложение:
She … going to see a new film tomorrow. Let's go together!
18. Выберите правильный ответ:
Forty-eight plus twelve is ... .
19. Вставьте модальный глагол:
…I speak to Sam, please? - Just a minute.
20. Прочитайте текст, выберите завершение предложения, соответствующее содержанию текста:
Balzac, the famous French writer, was a man of great talent. But he himself was proud of his ability to tell a person's character by his or her handwriting. One day a woman brought him a young boy's exercise-book. She said she wanted to know what Balzac thought of the boy's character. Balzac studied the boy's handwriting carefully. Then he said that the boy was a lazy fellow. "It's very strange," said the woman smiling. "This is a page from your own exercise-book, which you used when you were a boy."
Balzac … .
21. Дополните предложение:
Computers ... in the 20-th century.
22. Определите функцию инфинитива в следующем предложении:
He forgot to do his homework when he was at home.
23. Выберите фразовый глагол со значением "Собираться сделать что-либо":
24. Выберите правильный вариант притяжательной формы существительного
25. Образуйте слово "невежливый", употребив верную приставку:
26. Выберите слово, в котором выделенная буква читается отлично от других слов:
27. Прочитайте текст и выполните задание после текста:
One day my cousin George and I decided to visit our Granny in London. After lunch we all three decided to sail down the Thames to have a look at the old ships. But suddenly it started raining, so we had to change our plans. We decided to visit Madame Tussaud's instead. George hadn't been there before. It was great fun seeing all the wax figures. There were some new ones I hadn't seen before. After an hour Granny felt a little tired and wanted to sit down and rest for a moment. George and I went to look at all the murderers in the cellar. We promised to come back in half an hour.
When we came back we saw two American tourists standing in front of Granny and taking a photo of her. We heard one of them say,'She is sure to look like a real woman!' You should have seen their faces a moment later when Granny opened her eyes!
Закончите предложение:
The boys went to the museum instead because ...
28. Задайте общий вопрос к следующему предложению:
John drives a car very fast.
29. Найдите предложение с CONTINUOUS INFINITIVE:
30. Выберите страдательный залог герундия в несовершенном времени на примере следующего глагола:
To write